“One to change a few, few to change many, many to change the world. Starts with one.”

Small favor to ask of you beautiful humans, especially you beach lovers, surfers, environmentalists and wanderlusters. This surf break Wishing Wells and large stretch of lush green coastline in Playuela, Puerto Rico is not only a surfers paradise but it also holds great biodiversity – home to many protected species of coral, manatees, turtles, birds and palm trees.

There has been large public outcry over the building of the Christopher Columbus Landing Resort, a costal mega hotel-residential complex, which consists of 121 acres, stretching nearly 4,000 ft of coastline complete with hundred of rooms, a casino, convention center etc. It would completely destroy this beneficial ecosystem that has been largely untouched by man.

Initial construction has been stop and go so the locals and mother nature need all the help and voices they can get! Check HERE to sign the petition, follow @salvemosaplayuela and if you feel compelled please share across your networks.

Thank you!