What is Wellness Coaching?

I know first hand that eating well, exercising and creating new habits can feel daunting, challenging or even impossible. As a coach, my goal is to un-complicate and demystify the confusing and contradicting information surrounding nutrition, exercise, and wellness.

I work one-on-one with individuals, in small groups, or with corporations, to procure happiness and health by finding that sweet spot between loving food, without it becoming an unhealthy obsession. We work on discovering movement and mindfulness that is sustainable and actually enjoyable. Clients gain the knowledge and skills to navigate through the ever evolving wellness world, and manage social situations with ease. Most importantly, clients rediscover themselves, gain confidence and begin to lead the life they’ve always dreamed of.

My Philosophy

I believe our lifestyle and diets and should feel full, nurturing and expansive. Not empty, inaccessible or restrictive. This is why my approach to healthy living does not require expensive powders, tonics or cleanses. There is no weighing, counting or tallying. No magic bullet or pill. This means doing the work.

Together, we untangle messy, societal constructs around health and body image.  We may sift through some of those uncomfortable thoughts and beliefs that hold us back from achieving our best, happiest and healthiest self.

I provide clients with the knowledge and space to make their own decisions that they feel empowered in. I guide them and help facilitate gradual changes, providing support along the way. I am available outside of sessions because this is when the real work is done. Clients also receive ongoing support, tips, recipes and guidance to make sustainable improvements to their health and lifestyle.

If you have experience with any of the below, or are simply interested in learning more about plant based nutrition and wellness, then coaching may be something to explore:

• Fad diets
• Yo-yo dieting
• Stubborn weight
• Poor sleep
• Skin problems
• Digestion issues
• Low energy
• Fatigue
• Poor body image
• Disordered eating
• Interest in going plant based or vegan

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    “When I first was approached with the idea of a health coach I had no idea why I needed one. I thought I was doing as well as most men my age. The truth is I was not doing all that well.  I met Caroline and we talked about just making small changes. Who knew that one small change would be followed by another. Then another and so on. Due to these changes in just a short time I was seeing my blood pressure drop, glucose drop and weight loss. I felt so much better, moved better, even my breathing was better. I learned that what I see in the mirror is not always how good health should be determined and that it’s never too late to make a change.”

    I am a 66-year old male who battled hypertension for over a decade. I cycled through several different medications to lower my blood pressure, none completely effective and all with unwanted side effects.  Caroline helped me design a personal health program that lowered my blood pressure until it was consistently in the normal range, and allowed my doctor to take me off blood pressure meds altogether. As an extra bonus, I lost weight to the point where I am within five pounds of my college weight, and I have much more energy with none of the daily highs and lows that had previously restricted my activities. Caroline’s advice is science-based and all natural, with none of the extremes that make it difficult to maintain some of the faddish diets. Through a better understanding of how different food groups affect my metabolism, mindfulness of what and when I ate, and an exercise program that was appropriate in terms of my age as well as easy to fit into my daily schedule, Caroline made it easy for me to adopt a new lifestyle, that did not feel imposed, but rather made me feel in control of my own health outcomes.

    When I met Caroline I was struggling with hypertension and could not get control of it. I knew I needed to make changes in my health habits and wanted to get off meds! Caroline became my coach and through healthy eating habits and exercise goals I started to notice my health shift for the better. Caroline and I would talk each week, she helped me stay focused on my objectives, tweaking them if necessary. I am working my way off my medications and feel great already. I highly recommend Caroline Ginolfi to be a  core part of your life to reach healthier goals and a more focused lifestyle.”

    “My work with Caroline has restored my joy in food! I used to restrict and demonize foods and whole food groups. She has given me a new mindset that allows me to listen to my body and give it was it is asking for. She has helped me more than she will ever know! Her coaching program is amazing and I am just so grateful.”

    “I have always been very healthy eater, but I sought out coaching because I needed help with ditching some bad habits. I felt out of control and even though the food I ate was mostly healthy, I would still have binges. I realized that I had a very unhealthy relationship with food and my body. I also struggled with chronic bloating and often felt weighed down. Caroline provided me with nutrition fundamentals which I liked because she doesn’t tell you what to do but rather gives you the knowledge so you can make your own empowered choices. She did challenge me with facing my food fears which was such scary but such a powerful experience. The mindfulness tools I learned have made a profound impact on me and are skills I will continue to use. After just a few months I have so much more energy, confidence and respect for myself and my body. I’m so grateful for this experience and her coaching.”