In June I traveled to Santa Fe for a retreat and subsequently fell in love. The energy of New Mexico is rich, tangible, transformative and I truly did not expect this trip to be as profoundly healing as it was. I stayed at Sunrise Springs Spa Resort which is nestled in a lush oasis around a natural spring where people have gathered for centuries. It’s a sacred and beautiful place for deep healing, reconnection and rejuvenation.

Sunrise Springs utilizes a holistic approach to wellness through vast offerings to nourish your mind, body and spirit – from art and movement to horticulture and self care. No matter where your are on your journey or what your soul is calling for, there is so much to learn and experience from this place.

The property blends its natural surroundings, Eastern and Western therapies and Native American teachings into a one-of-a-kind experience that empowers guests mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

This is one of the gorgeous Casitas we stayed in which includes a king bed, fireplace, full bath, outdoor patio and mini fridge. The accommodations were exquisite and so cozy.

Every guest is welcomed into their room with teas made onsite with herbs sourced from the local farm.

One of my favorite spa experiences was soaking in the Ojitos – Sunrise Springs’ spring-fed bathhouse. After a luxurious and healing CBD massage, I bathed for an hour in the pristine mineral waters, overlooking the spring. Piñon crackled in the kiva as the fragrant smoke swirled around. Cottonwood was floating in the air like magical summertime snow. There were birds chirping and a cool breeze blowing. I felt so deeply connected, immersed and humbled by the elements all at once.

Another beautiful aspect of Sunrise Springs that is so innate it isn’t publicized, is it’s eco-friendliness. Native American culture honors our divine interconnectedness to this earth and all living things, so it’s no surprise that this resort is incredibly sustainable. They use little to no plastic onsite. It’s encouraged to bring your own bottle and enjoy the live spring water right from the tap. There is a black make up removal towel in each room instead of cotton balls or pads. Everything from the ceramics in the spa to the shower curtains in each room were sourced with intention and from local artisans. Sunrise Springs also uplifts and empowers local communities and tribes. It’s beautiful and refreshing and while it may not be advertised as such, Sunrise Springs is definitely an eco-conscious resort.

The beautiful abundance of plant based food created by world renowned Chef Rocky Durham was another highlight for sure! He carefully creates unique and nutrient dense menus that are as delicious as they are healthful. I love that much of the produce used is sourced directly from Sunrise Springs local farm in Ojo. All the water used at the resort is sourced from the natural spring too.

When planning a trip to Sunrise Springs you also have the unique opportunity to customize a menu for the entire trip with Chef Rocky and Dr. Sally Fisher who is a Physician Nutrition Specialist among among other things. I am so grateful to have enjoyed two unbelievable 5-course cleanse dinners during my stay.

This lunch of forbidden black rice, veggies and cashew cream sauce was one of my favorite dishes from the trip.

There was also and endless flow of hibiscus tea available – one of my favorite beverages for its bright flavor and extraordinary antioxidant content.

One of the many activities available onsite is engaging with the silky chickens! As a vegan, spending time with animals and watching others do the same is always such a beautiful experience. I love that Sunrise Springs incorporates this into their offerings as a way to guests to connect with the animals that we often don’t consider as individuals or having unique personalities.

This chicken in my lap here is Princess. She was a bit self-conscious of her damp feathers after a little rain earlier that morning, but she is a fierce little chicky who knows what she wants and enjoys being pampered and loved.

The natural spring also attracts diverse wildlife like rabbits, birds, reptiles and other animals like this mamma duck and her sweet little ducklings.

The most transformative experience of the trip was the Sweat Lodge which is said to be the first sacred ceremony given to the Native people. Our spiritual guide, Concha, lead us through the experience which consists of 4 rounds in the sweat lodge each honoring four elements, seasons, directions, phases of life and polarity of the darkness and the light. Its a deeply introspective, cleansing and healing ceremony that I would highly recommend to anyone, health permitting.

I didn’t know how desperately I needed this trip to reconnect with myself. To release, forgive, ground and grow. Feeling so abundantly grateful to have had the opportunity to renew and recharge at Sunrise Springs. It’s no wonder people come here to heal themselves from disease, illness and find a forever home in Santa Fe. I am endlessly enchanted by this land, by this experience and know New Mexico will forever hold a special place in my heart. Already looking forward to next time!