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This summer looks and feels different for so many of us. We are spending more time at home, perhaps having to cancel that vacation or trip we had planned. Backyard family dinners or intimate, distanced barbecues are the norm.

Coat your Cashew Caramel Crunch bars to your liking.

As celebrations and summer holidays come and go, we are making space for new traditions. Enter these Cashew Caramel Crunch Bars made with high quality and organic ingredients found at my local ACME store.

These bars will quickly become a new, savored favorite. They have that first-bite-wide-eyed-happiness effect. Pure joy! I think we all could use a little extra joy right now.

To make these Cashew Caramel Crunch Bars, start by blending Open Nature® Cashewmilk Scandal-Less Ice Cream Vanilla Bean and Open Nature® Creamy Cashew Butter until creamy and thoroughly combined.

I purchase Open Nature® products because they are free from 110 ingredients like artificial flavors and preservatives and the O Organics® line is certified to the highest organic standards.

Next, pour the ice cream mixture into your silicone ice cream molds 3/4’s of the way, cover and place in the freeze for about 1 hour to refreeze.

While the ice cream is freezing, chop the O Organics® Cashews Roasted with Sea Salt and place in a shallow bowl. Next, make the Raw Salted Caramel.

Once the bars are frozen, remove from the freezer and spread the Raw Salted Caramel evenly onto the remaining 1/4 of the molds. Cover again and freeze for another hour or so until the caramel has firmed up. The caramel will not be frozen solid but should remain on top of the ice cream when you pop them out of the molds.

Topping the frozen ice cream bars with Raw Salted Caramel.

Now comes the fun part! Combine the chocolate coating ingredients in a bowl and mix until you get a smooth, runny chocolate mixture. You may need to melt your coconut oil in a double boiler or microwave if it is solid. It is very important to let your chocolate coating mixture cool before dipping. Otherwise, the ice cream bars will melt and get super messy!

Prepare a parchment or silicone lined baking sheet and place so it is level in your freezer. You can use a plate if you are short on space but the baking sheet will allow you to neatly lay out your finished bars.

Pouring your chocolate coating into a tall glass makes coating easy and mess free!

Pour the chocolate coating into a tall glass. This makes the coating process super easy and clean. Remove one ice cream bar from the freezer at a time. Gently dip the bar into the glass to coat it with chocolate. Let any excess drip off for no more than a second or two. After dipping, quickly coat the bar it with crushed cashews. The chocolate hardens relatively quickly so you will want to move quickly. Place your finished ice cream bar on the lined baking sheet in the freezer to fully firm up again.

Coat each side of the bar in chopped O Organics® Cashews Roasted with Sea Salt.

While some patience is required, this recipe is so worth the little bit of extra effort. I love that you can easily adapt to your liking too. Feel free to omit the Raw Salted Caramel, or add extra! Maybe you don’t like chopped cashews? Go ahead and to dip the bars in the silky melted chocolate mixture and enjoy. If you are a cashew butter fanatic, you can skip the blending and top the frozen ice cream bars in Open Nature® Creamy Cashew Butter instead of caramel.

A blissful Caramel Crunch Bar bite!

You can also swap out the ice cream for any of ACME‘s other Scandal-Less Ice Creams. How about Open Nature® Almondmilk Scandal-Less Ice Cream Chocolate Fudge Brownie for my chocolate lovers?

Customize the bars to your liking!

ACME makes it easy to find everything you need. In one shopping trip I can buy all the ingredients for organic fruit kabobs, veggie burgers, crisp, organic summer salads and these epic Cashew Caramel Crunch Bars. Being able to do all your shopping in one place is pretty priceless during these times. ACME Markets also offers Grocery Delivery and Drive Up & Go for convenient ways to shop!

As a conscious consumer, prioritizing organic and plant based products is incredibly important to me too. ACME‘s Open Nature® and O Organics® line helps save me money on my favorite healthy grocery items.

I shopped at ACME in my local area but you can find O Organics® and Open Nature® products exclusively at the Albertsons Company family of stores. This includes Albertsons, Jewel-Osco, Vons, Pavilions, Randalls, Tom Thumb, Shaw’s, Star Market, United Supermarkets, Carrs and Safeway. Visit to find a store near you and discover meal prep tips and recipe ideas.

Cashew Caramel Crunch Bar

Servings 6


Cashew Ice Cream Filling

Chocolate Coating


  1. Place the Cashew Ice Cream Filling ingredients into the blender and blend until combined and creamy.

  2. Pour the Cashew Ice Cream Filling mixture into the molds until they are 3/4 full. You want to have some space left for the caramel. Add the wooden sticks and place the filled molds into the freezer for about 1 hour.

  3. In the meantime, prepare the Raw Salted Caramel by placing all ingredients into the blender and mixing until you get a creamy texture.

  4. Remove ice cream molds from the freezer and spread the Raw Salted Caramel evenly into the remaining 1/4 of the molds. Place the molds back into the freezer for 1 hour until the Raw Salted Caramel has firmed up.

  5. Chop the cashews and place in a shallow bowl.

  6. Combine all the Chocolate Coating ingredients in a small bowl and mix until it is a smooth, runny chocolate mixture. Pour into a tall glass.

  7. Dip each bar into the tall glass of the Chocolate Coating mixture allowing some excess to drip off. Before the chocolate hardens, coat the bar in with the chipped cashews.

  8. Place the finished bars on a lined baking sheet in the freezer to fully freeze up for a few minutes before serving

Recipe Notes

Store bars in an airtight container in the freezer for up to a month.