Between getting sick, some travel and the Eagles Super Bowl win, which pretty much paralyzed the city of Philadelphia with parades and excitement, the first few days of February were busy and a bit ungrounded to say the least. My Veestro meal delivery could not have come at a more convenient time amidst all the chaos!

I was intrigued by  Veestro because they create 100% organic, plant based meals that are fully preapred so no cooking necessary – just heat and serve. I didn’t eat a lot of freezer meals growing up, but I do remember how mushy they were and the headache I always got after eating them. Veestro meals are made with only organic whole food ingredients and are free from preservatives so you feel nourished and energized! I was honestly surprised by how well they reheated and how good I felt after eating them too.

Quinoa Bake


If you are new to plant based eating, looking to lose weight or or just want quick and convenient meals delivered to your door, Veestro has meal plans and support for you. This year they created the #YesWeCan program which includes:

  • Veestro meals
  • Three weeks of daily workouts
  • Weekly wellness tips, motivation and inspiration
  • Access to the #YesWeCan Facebook group

You can opt into joining at no cost when you sign up for their 21 Day Kickstart, Weight Loss Program or a la cart ordering. Click HERE to get started (gluten free options available).


Chick’n Nuggets

My Veestro Experience:

My Veestro package arrived on time and everything was still perfectly frozen. All their food is packed in 100% compostable and recyclable materials which I really love. The regulations on dry ice are that it must be shipped in styrofoam, so while it’s something outside of Veestro’s control, I do wish there was a more eco-friendly and safe alternative. In the meantime, remember to always be careful when handling dry ice and keep it away from pets and children.

A Couple Tips:

  • Read the labels on each meal. Some require defrosting before cooking while others do not.
  • Use the oven to cook your meals for the best experience.
  • I served most most meals with a side salad to get in some leafy greens

Food Review:

Chick’n Nuggets: These were a winner! John is a big fan of the meatless alternatives and I have to say these were some the best I’ve had. The outside was perfectly crispy, the chick’n texture was great and the BBQ sauce was a perfect compliment.

Enfrijolada Rustica: This one was my favorite! I decided not to post a photograph though because it simply did not do it justice. I would describe this dish as a Mexican lasagna of sorts made with corn tortillas, black beans and veggies. It is served with a heavenly black bean mole sauce that is worthy of a plate to face lick. Yep! It had so much flavor and was a really hearty sized portion. I highly recommend it!

Thai Chick’n Stew

Johnny Appleseed Juice: Lightly sweet and packed with greens, just the way I like it. While some may be averse, I actually enjoyed the bit of pulp in it – to me that says fresh and also signals that there is fiber in there.

Kale & Quinoa Salad: I liked that the salad was sizable and also had tempeh to make it satiating. The salad defrosted pretty well and the tahini dressing was really delicious!

Quinoa Bake: It was a great size, filling and had lots of colorful veggies packed inside. I thought it needed an extra kick of flavor and creaminess so I topped with a sriracha cashew cream sauce.

Thai Chick’n Stew: This stew was tomato based and had lots of veggies packed in, along with the veggie brown rice. It was a good size but not the traditional ‘Thai’ flavor I am used to. I topped mine with some chopped cilantro.

Why Choose Veestro?

Of course cooking from home is the best and most sustainable way to bring fresh, balanced, healthy meals to the table. However, the ease of frozen meals is super convenient. I think cooking is a huge barrier in why many shy away from adopting healthier and/or plant based diet. Veestro is a great option for these individuals who want to eat nourishing food, but don’t have the time to cook, don’t want to cook or are experiencing life events that make cooking challenging. I really like that the portions of these dishes are larger than other frozen meals I’ve had. Plus, they taste authentic and more gourmet. The biggest draw for me is that Veestro is 100% plant based, organic and preservative free – so when it is a freezer meal night, it’s a confident choice that doesn’t compromise taste, texture, flavor or quality.


 Blog post sponsored by Veestro but opinions are organically my own.